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We're so confident that Organic Aloe Skin Care Cream will handle your skin condition that we offer a 100% money back guarantee!
But don't take our word for it. Below are just a few of the many Customer Success Stories* we have received over the years.

Happened at the World Congress of Anti Aging Medicine.

-Orlando, FL.  May 19th, 2012
Picture of a burn at about 2:00 pm.
Cream was applied at that time.
The burn: a couple hours later.
Cream was applied a second time.
The next morning,  burn is almost totally healed!

"Most of the dark sun damaged spots on my face have almost completely disappeared. In a few more weeks or so, I will be free of those ugly dark brown blotches. I can't believe it - especially after spending so much money on all of those other products. Thank you!!!!!!"
Ms. J.B.
"It's a great product, like liquid gold!"
Ms. C.S.
"...there's been about 80% reduction of the psoriasis-like rash I had affecting lateral aspects of legs and elbows--the latter have practically disappeared. Your cream is excellent!"
Mr. G.O.
"We bought it mostly to help with our son's acne, but I also found [it cleared] up dry patches on my eyelids that had been bothering me for months prior."
Ms. J.A.
"I use it everyday after showering and [it] has helped with my skin... My daughter says my face has looked better and was wondering what I was using."
Mr. J.S.
"I found Organic Aloe Skin Care at our local Home Show. I typically don’t fall for products at trade shows..but I decided to try the skin cream after they gave me a wonderful hand massage. My hands felt wonderful..silky smooth, and the softness lasted the rest of the day. As it was explained to me that day this cream works wonders on psoriasis and fungus conditions. My husband has had eczema (sp?) for several years and has tried prednisone creams, steroid creams, has had visits to the dermatologist with no real success. After a few weeks of rubbing this cream on his legs (shin area where the dry open sores have been)… his eczema completely cleared up. He has used this every night for the past 6 months and is amazed at how his condition has completely cleared up. I use it nightly on my feet, especially on my heels…and now my feet are baby soft! I keep a small container in my purse and use it throughout the day. It has worked so well, that I call for new deliveries as soon as the jar is amost gone. Thank you for this amazing product and we will continue to keep our stock filled!"
"I have been very happy with it. It is nice to have an all natural product."
Ms. C.A.
"I use it every night on my face... This has cleared up the dry skin around my nose and eye area. My skin seems to be a lot smoother. I love it."
Mr. H.V.
"I love your aloe skin cream. I... recommend it to everyone. It does everything you say it will!!!!!"
Ms. T.R.
"We have used it on our 11 month great-grandson's little dry cheeks and it has made a difference. We do not like to put the store bought one on because of all the chemicals in it."
Ms. B.M.
"I am a cashier and it is the only cream I have found that protects my hands from drying out."
Ms. S.C.
"It has helped my skin so much that I don't get sunburned when I am in the sun. I used to get burned, but this cream has changed that."
Mr. A.R.
"I did have a skin issue on my arm that was not only continually itching but I was getting scabs from the constant scratching. I started using the [cream] on it daily and it eventually went away."
Ms. K.B.
"Wow! This is an amazing product! My husband has had a toe that has fungus on it for most of his life... After using your product, his toe is so much improved, it passes for normal!"
Ms. K.S.
"This product did exactly as you stated, reduced the size of the pores on my face and nose. The best part is I am allergic to most Aloe Vera products, not yours."
Mr. E.A.
"I actually found it to relieve cold sores within just a couple of days recently, which pleased me immensely."
Ms. D.V.
"I LOVE this cream and will use it the rest of my life!"
Ms. N.T.
* Success Stories are not company claims, but are the sole opinions and statements of our customers.

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